Cottage Press Review by Mystie Winckler


Thank you,  Mystie, for your kind review of Cottage Press products on Periscope! Watch it here:

Mystie blogs at Simply Convivial. She has created a wealth of resources on homeschooling, homemaking, and organization. Do yourself a favor and spend some time exploring her site.

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  1. Sheri says:

    Based upon the great review that Mystie presented, I ordered this curriculum. It looks excellent; however, I’m struggling with using it effectively. Do you have any video lessons or blog posts that might help me out? I can’t seem to locate any one my own.

    (I also couldn’t find a contact email address. I would have gone with that as a method of communication rather than this.)

  2. Kathy says:

    Dear Sheri, please do contact us at We’ll be happy to talk with you and give you specific instructions. At this point we do not have any video lessons, but someday, we’d love to! Thanks for your comment.

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