Figuratively Speaking: Polyptoton

The Latin adage Repetitio mater memoria (Repetition is the mother of memory) is an adage that endures because it is true; one proof is the prevalence of literary devices, rhetorical devices, and figures of speech employing the scheme of repetition. One such Continue Reading

Figuratively Speaking ~ Alliteration

Alliteration is the repetition of beginning sounds in words which are adjacent or very close to each other. It was a distinguishing feature of Old English poetry: No guest on God’s earth would he gladlier greet. ~ Sir Gawain and Continue Reading

Figuratively Speaking: Irony

Cicero said that the figure of irony is “saying one thing and meaning another”—thus, it is a trope of semantic inversion. Irony is often used to mock, ridicule, or jest.  As with pun, recognition of irony requires a great deal of perception Continue Reading